Friday, April 19, 2013

Introductions and Explanations

Welcome to We've Been Watching!

Who are we?

Three media geeks from Northern California: proper (the only one of us with a pronounceable handle), a Library Science major with years of experience watching terrible live-action sci-fi, xexyzl (zex-zil), a Cinema major with the most judgmental taste in anime you've ever seen, and xillix (zill-ux), a Psychology major most comfortable in his giant gorilla costume.

What are we doing here?

Watching, analyzing, sniping at, squeeing over, and MSTing new-to-us TV shows and movies.


BECAUSE WE CAN. xexyzl made proper watch Neon Genesis Evangelion, and all parties involved realized this would be slightly more entertaining if proper made predictions after each disc. (Spoiler: proper's predictions were cooler than the show inferior to Hideaki Anno's genius vision.) xillix realized this could scale interestingly out if three people were all watching a show unspoiled, and thus began a new and possibly entertaining experiment in communal video watching!

How does this work?

We'll choose a TV show or movie that none of us have seen yet, individually declare our biases beforehand in writing (what we've already heard, despite trying like crazy not to get spoiled), then watch the episodes in small chunks. After each chunk o' media, we'll write individual responses and predictions, then pile together and make a vodcast showcasing our fantastic faces and ridiculous voices as we fight over who is Obviously Right about their predictions and interpretations of what we've seen this far.

Spoiler policy:

Please don't. Also, if you spoil us, we will hunt you down and do terrible things to your loved ones. We're absolutely serious.

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